Rooms rate

I propose several formulas , very flexible for any one and any budget

Formula 1 : Entire house for rent

If you want to rent my entire house, the price is 30 USD / night. With this package, you will have my house for you and your family, your friends, you will not be with other tourists. That is, you can be from 2 to 13 people (maximum) . This is the price of the entire house, i repeat ! Once rented, it is only for you. It is a formula which is more economical and more flexible if you are with family and your friends. You can make the party in my house without any issue by others!

For that price, you can not find the equivalent in Sapa because a small room Sapa is at least 20 USD! For this option, you rent my entire house, you have a private house, otherwise a small charming hotel for you.


Notice :

For this service, I do not offer meals, but I can serve you meals if you recommend them. It is 7 USD / person  for a nomal meal with 5 different dishes. If you have any other requests, contact me soon for details on the menu. Breakfast is not included either. It is 3 USD / person if you order

Formula 2: Room for rent

If you are not interested in Formula 1, may be, this second formula is right for you! I have 2 rooms in my house. These are private rooms. 1 triple room (1 double bed and 1 single bed ) , 10 m² and 1 double bedroom of 6 m² (1 double bed).


The triple room is perfect for a family of 3 or 4 persons if the babies are small, the price is 18 USD, excluding meals which price specified above. In the double room, the price is 13 USD, excluding meals which price specified above. Choosing this option, you rent a part of my house sharing with other tourists, but you have a private room for you

Formula 3 : Beds for rent

If these first two options are not what you want, you can always sleep in my house , by choosing the last option: the  dormytory beds, the most economical option. I has a large dorm beds in second floor . It’s a simple mattress, clean,with mosquito net, blanket , for one person. The price is 5 USD / person, excluding meals which price specified above. For this option, you rent a part of my house shared with other tourists, but you have only one private bed for you in a dormitory in common


I just offer this service since a few days, so for the moment there is no review of my service! If you want free accommodation (without meals) for one night in my house, i’ am open in exchange for a review of a travel forums! Tripadvisor!

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