You must read before booking !!! To have happy stay in our house

Hi,  We read alot reviews about our house ,  and one of them are like this :

d2bed035c76d49aa27f91f3f6377b17d“” very basic accomodation for the price. -no elecrical heating even in communal areas. Made it extremely cold even with many layers of clothing. Electrical heater disappeared after our first night and a sign was put up charging for its use at $5 per night. Thought this was a bit cheeky given the amount we were paying per night (more than central Hanoi where we had air conditioning, a kettle, own bathroom, nice room). For the price we expected some heating costs to be factored in, even if it was just in the communal area inside. The small wood burner did not provide sufficient heat. -Bedrooms very cold. Our bedroom was next to the road, thin curtains so lights from vehicles shined through during night and early morning. Noisy bikes and vehicles passing by. Gaps in roof and exposed brickwork add to coldness, -Breakfast not included in price of room and $3 each extra (eggs, fruit and pancakes). Thought this was pricey for SE Asia. Hot items cold when served – hostel cold so plates cold. -Had to pay for hot water to make tea with our own teabags. Kettle not freshly boiled each time and water taken out of flask – not worth paying for and this is something that we really did not expect to be charged extra for given room price. – Coffee luke warm and weak – we stopped drinking it eventually. -shower is very low pressure so just a trickle of water comes out. Very difficult to rinse hair or have nice shower, standing in cold bathroom. -Food on the menu was pricey. – we both felt that our stay would have been much more pleasant if just a good hot shower had been provided and the hot drinks we ordered had been piping hot, it would have made the coldness of the hostel a little more bearable in the Winter. As it was, we didn’t feel this hostel was value for money and felt that there were too many “extras” to pay for which should have been included. It felt a bit like a money making machine.

-Good location for views, treks and walks to neighbouring villages. -Good communal areas for socialising and relaxing. -Quiet location in the mountains. -Outside verandah. – the family were accommodating in respect of sharing their home with guests. -the social nature of the hostel. We had lots of fun with the other guests.”


First thing, thanks to let us know about your thougts about your stay in our home, we just want to share our thought by the way, if some one read this reply, hope that help:

– Please check the weather in Sapa before you go , to prepare the best things during your stay in our villahge, dont go to our village when the weather forecast is bad, to avoid any complaint about the weather , that we are not responsible , if you dont go to sapa and cancel your booking, you are free of charge , and we are also very happy to have no complaint about the weather…We cant do anything when it’s cold, hot, rainy , stormy…

– Double check the accommodation that you book ( check picture, accommodation features, things included and excluded, price) we dont cheat people. we have all pictures about our rooms , beds, and the picture never lie, so please check twice or more things that we have, before booking, we are more than happy that you know what you have when you are living in our home. We dont want to have any complaint about what we can’t provide as another hotel in somewhere , don’t compare , just check before clearly, make sure that you have all things you need, if you dont find things that you need, please, bring it with my house, or dont book my house, then we are really happy.

– Please make sure that if you book my house it’s because you expect to have a real local house and life, if you want to have all best and beautiful accommodation , please don’t book my house, stay in Sapa with many hundred confortable hotels. Here we are living like this since years and dont want to change our way of life, our home are basic and simple, but we are living inside, if you want 4 stars accommodation for cheap price, please don’t book my house. We dont have heater, air condition, private toilet, please check this things before booking to avoir any unhappy stay

– Dont expect free things that we can’t produce in our village like electricity that cost pricey, cheep beers or things that come from many hundred kms, if we have to pay expensive, we dont offer for free. What we have for free, like woodburn heater, liquor, tea, that we use everyday too, we try the best to offer but depend also in avaibility . We offer also good things that you never find anywhere. So please make sure of things that is included in the accommodation.

– We are living of hosting people and make people happy and have their best time in our home, but if you dont think that your stay is nice, please just check other accommodations nearby and then check out we love to host people but if it’s not the place that you like, you decide to leave then it’s free, we dont charge you , so please dont stay for 4 nights then complaint about your stay if you can change since the fisrt day…..

So hope that help to others people before booking All the best

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