Ta Van Hostel, best place to meet people and trek around Sapa

Tavan hostel , best homestay in the region of Sapa

I live in Sapa and I am english and french speaking local guide in this region. I know perfectly Sapa and its surroundings. I have a house in Ta Van village . If you are looking for a homestay in the region of Sapa, or a vacation home (not in Sapa town), surrounded by the beautiful landscape, you can contact me and I will accommodate you at home! My house is suitable for all budgets. Visit my Ta Van Hostel

Tavan hotel

So here’s the brief description in my house

Style of my house: traditional style, inspired by a still house ,

Total interior area: 100 m² (house, front yard, kitchen, toilet)

Terrace area: 50 m²

Number of bedrooms: 1 private rooms , more than 20 beds for single traveller

Number of dorm beds: 8 beds, 10 cm – 1m large , 2 m long

Toilet/ Bathroom: 2, 1 toilet and 1 bathroom with hot shower, all in commun use

Common room ( Lounge room ): 1

Internet: Free WiFi

Room facilities and dormitory : fans and fridge (A Sapa, it’s cool)

Security: Surveillance camera and auto alarm at front door

Kitchen: 1 room, 20 square metters

To see my house ‘s location please go to this page Location. If you can’t find out my house, please contact me by phone or by mail

My house is large and well located in the center of the village of Ta Van, one of the most famous villages in the Sapa area, but far enough from locations frequented by tourists. If you are home, you feel that you are alone



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For renting my home, please contact me as soon as possible ! I propose several formulas:

Formula 1: You rent my entire house privately

If you want to rent my entire house, the price is

50 USD / night for 2 -4 people group
70 USD / night for 5-6 people group
90 USD/ night for 7-10 people group

120 USD/ night for 11-14 people/ group

With this package, you will have my entire house for you and your family, your friends, and for sure, you will not be with other tourists. You can be 2 to 16 people (maximum) .

This is the price of using my house for one night ! Once rented, it is only for you. It is a formula which is more economical and more flexible if you are with family and your friends.

For that price, you can not find the equivalent in Sapa as a small room in  Sapa is at least 20 USD ! Under this option, you rent my entire house, you have a private house, otherwise a small charming hotel for you.

For this service, I do not offer meals, but I can serve you meals if you recommend and i will serve you . It is 4 USD / person for a nomal meal with 5 different dishes. Contact me soon for details on the menu. Breakfast is not included either. It is 3 USD / person if you order

Dorm room

Formula 2: You rent a private room

If you are not interested in Formula 1, may be, this second formula is right for you ! I have 2 rooms in my house. These are private rooms. 1 triple room (1 double and 1 single bed )  10 m² and 1 double bedroom of 6 m² (1 double bed).

You can, according to your budget and your group, book one of these 2 rooms. In the triple room, perfect for a family of 3 or 4  people, with kids, the price is 18 USD, excluding meals which price specified above. In the double room, the price is 13 USD, excluding meals which price specified above. By choosing this option, you rent a part of my house shared with other tourists, but you have a private room for you

Fomrula 3: You can rent a bed 

If these two options are not what you want, you can always choose the last one:  dorm beds, the most economical option. I has some dorm beds in second floor. It’s a simple mattress, clean, with mosquitonet and blanket, for one person. The price is 5 USD / person/ night, excluding meals which price specified above. In taking this option, you rent a part of my house shared with other tourists, but you have only one private bed for you in a dormitory in common

Do you want free accommodation ? ( No more available now )

I just offer this service since days, so for the moment there is no review ! If you want free accommodation (without meals) for one night in my house, I am open in exchange for a review of a travel forums! Tripadvisor! Backpacker! Travel Forum! Lonely Planet!

If you take my offers + my guide service for the Sapa area, please contact me for more info or maybe, if I have a good mood that day, I will offer you good promotions.

Contact me phamquynh7277@gmail.com